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Thanks so much for your interest in OCHS Yearbook.  This website will provide you with the most up to date info we have for this year's book.  All deadlines, application and important links will be posted here so make sure you check this site for directions and updates!


Back to School - 08/08 - 10/27 $90

Preorder Sale: 10/28 - 2/23 $100

Last Chance 2/24 - 06/01 $110 (limited quantities available. no personalization)

Create a custom ad for your student’s yearbook.


Full Page – $325.00

1/2 Page  – $200.00

1/4 Page – $125.00

1/8 Page -$75.00

Revenue from yearbook ads helps our school creates a better yearbook!


Our school reserves the right to edit ads per our guidelines. Please make sure all submitted materials are appropriate for a school publication.

Tips for creating your best ad

  • Your photos will look and fit better if your photo is the same orientation as the picture box. (Horizontal vs vertical orientation.)
  • Use clear, high-resolution photos. If your photo is blurry, it will be blurry in your ad.
  • Choose photos from every moment of your student's life, and pair them with a heartfelt message.
  • Use the cropping tools on the website to crop out the unnecessary background and focus on your student.


Go to Jostens.com to start your ad design


To complete the form go to: https://tinyurl.com/y8auxsfc


The online google form must be filled out and submitted no later than January 24 at 11:59 pm.

No abbreviations or acronyms can be used; if used, they will be deleted, and there will be no option to revise them.

All quotes must be attributed to the person who said it.

This information is due on January 24 at 11:59 pm.

A baby Photo of YOU when you where younger must be submitted. No copyrighted (downloaded from google images will be allowed)

Any files that are uploaded will be shared outside of the organization they belong to and printed in the yearbook.

Senior Portraits

Celebrate your senior year with a Prestige portrait session.

Decide which achievements you want to celebrate.

Choose the session that gives you all the poses/backgrounds you want.



Ocean City High School

Portrait Dates: August 7th – 10th and August 14th – 17th  2017

Location: Library

A notification card with student’s individual appointment will be mailed home approximately 2 weeks prior to the session.


Need to change your appointment or just have questions, please call 1-800-687-9327 (M-Thur. 8:30am4:30pm) or schedule.prestigeportraits.com. Please have your 8 digit appointment code available.


  • Bring the things that highlight your achievements: sports gear, musical instruments, artwork, trophies, etc.
  • Bring clothes that you feel comfortable in, whether they are dressy or casual.
  • Solid colors photograph best.
  • Style your hair before your session.
  • Do your makeup at home.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure before your session.


Information regarding your sitting:

Men: Yearbook poses will be taken in your own suit (dress shirt, tie & jacket) & casual attire. We cannot remove 5 o’clock shadow. Have your hair neatly trimmed.


Women: Yearbook poses will be taken in the drape & casual attire. Please bring your own tank top to wear underneath. Poses may include your hands consider appropriate jewelry.


Session fee is due at the time of your sitting. (cash/check/money order payable to Lifetouch, credit/debit not accepted).

The studio will supply the drapes, caps & gowns. (tuxedos will be available as an outfit option)


Your portrait proofs will arrive in the mail approximately 3 weeks after your session along with information on how to order your personal portraits.

►►Ultimate Session: $30

includes 24-30 Head & Shoulder Yearbook and

Cap & Gown poses, plus up to 3 outfit changes

and up to 7 backgrounds. Session Fee: $30


►►Deluxe Session $20

includes 18-22 Head & Shoulder Yearbook and Cap & Gown poses, plus up to 2 outfit changes and up to 5 backgrounds. Session Fee: $20


►►Standard Session $0

includes 12-16 Head & Shoulder Yearbook, Cap & Gown poses. Session


Join Yearbook!

What to know when applying for Yearbook

Yearbook editors and staff must apply for their position and be accepted through the application process. As Yearbook members you are expected to complete all assignments, meet all requirements and meet all deadlines set by the editors and the advisor. Editors are expected to work with each other as well as the staff and should understand that the final submissions for yearbook must all be approved by the advisor. All students are expected to work as a team to be successful in writing, designing and gaining photos for the production of the yearbook. Non-compliance with this policy can lead to a student's dismissal from the yearbook staff.



  • Pages Complete by Deadline (Edited and Approved ready to turn into the production plant)
  • Respect equipment and each other
  • Use time wisely
  • Be an active participant in and out of the club, with pictures, interviews etc.
  • Yearbook is not just designing pages; it is also selling books, taking pictures and interviewing students/faculty
  • Take responsibility for your pages, do not count on others to take pictures or get interviews for you.
  • All students are expected to be in the book a minimum of three times.
  • Sign out cameras and equipment & Sign up to take pictures of events.
  • Upload your photos according to photo editors process.
  • Make sure all names and information are spelled correctly
  • Make sure all pictures are tagged on the page and in the image library
  • Positive promotion of the yearbook is expected at all times.
  • Yearbook does NOT end when you leave school, yearbooks are very mobile and you have access to work on pages at home.


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